Signature of the City
Open Issues
Prescription for Tomorrow
The S.R. Kucharski Project
Notes on Tomorrow's World

The S.R. Kucharski project is a self-portrait in multiple dimensions. I am placing myself in a self-critical role, observing and critiquing the "role of the artist," my own critical nature towards contemporary art, and thinking freely from a base in conceptualism to imagine unrealizable artistic manifestations. Instead of producing the goods (the self-portrait), I am trading myself in as the goods.

Kucharski’s ideas have manifested in an art magazine for theme-based discussions on contemporary art and artists titled Open Issues; a proposal for a sky-writing (cloud sculpture) installation piece over Rotterdam titled: The Biggest Statement I Could Possibly Make; a manifesto on the future of art practice: Tomorrowism (view "Manifesto For Sale"); designing beer mats in England with an educational purpose in mind; a city-wide installation of small representations of the artist’s head; creating consumable (literally) and official artwork for the opening of ROOM: the Shop in Rotterdam; a public art poster project titled WANTED:, presented in conjunction with KunstXpress, Rotterdam.
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