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Open Issues is a zine dedicated to fostering discussions with artists, about art/culture/society, recorded within one hours time. It is a collection of conversations, partially based on the artist’s work, but also on themes, with an idea to put all the interviews together, showing the different voices, but maybe also showing that they share some same perspective, and that these methods and creative processes are things I think are important to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, as well as important to all artists in relation to contemporary art practice. The zine is called Open Issues, because that is how I feel about these conversations—the voices of these artists aren’t giving you any sort of answer or solutions, only showing you that there are some out there...

Open Issues number three: March-April 2006
Themes: The interior (exhibition) space used to address the exterior (social/physical) space, or vice versa; identifying and utilizing aesthetics of the exhibition space versus aestheticising the exhibition space (including "space within space" or complete denial of the exhibition space); identifying a Berlin-Rotterdam connection: how outsiders can apply a certain awareness to the contemporary issues and/or activate themselves through a place, a city.
Artists: Maarten Janssen, Lucas Lenglet, Susanne Kriemann, Bettina Carl, Christine Rusche, Jack Segbars
Download Open Issues number three in PDF format.

Open Issues number two: April-May 2005
Themes: Giving it away for free—art and ideas as public property; the Mobile, Transnational and Interstellar Artist; the wish for longevity (and for one's own work).
Artists: Harmen de Hoop, Maziar Afrassiabi, Jetske de Boer, Marc Bijl, Arend Roelink, Nicoline van Harskamp
Download Open Issues number two in PDF format.

Open Issues number one: April-May 2004
Themes: Artist Duos or Teams, the Group in Art, redifining terms of the new in art practice.
Artists: Libia Pérez de Siles de Castro and Ólafur Árni Ólafsson, Bik van der Pol, Jan Adriaans, InnBetween, Wietse Eeken, Jennifer Stillwell and Amanda Ross-Ho
Download Open Issues number one in PDF format.

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